What is a YouTube Thumbnail

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In this article, you will learn what a YouTube thumbnail is and where to find a YouTube thumbnail maker. Also you will find out why to use CreateVista.

YouTube thumbnail – a small thumbnail with a retelling of what will be in the video. This is what the user sees in their recommendations feed. When you hover the mouse over the picture, it “comes to life” and shows a few seconds with moments from the video. Or with those moments that the author chooses himself. Proper formatting of the preview is also important. After all, this is the first thing your potential viewers see.

A few recommendations on the quality of thumbnail design

There are several general recommendations that will help you make a quality thumbnail:

  • Remove visual debris  – all sorts of small details, too “noisy” background, distracting details, all this complicates perception. This should be avoided.
  • Use the right colors – different colors evoke different associations. It is important that the shades correspond to the theme of the video and the age category.
  • Build the composition – if the composition is broken in the frame, the viewer does not understand what to pay attention to. Too much free space or too much “clutter” reduces the interest of the audience. Also, the wrong composition repels the audience.
  • Add a trigger – the face of the blogger himself in the preview almost always increases the number of clicks on the video. But it’s better not to use elements like red arrows and circles that highlight one object. These are all superfluous and unnecessary components.
  • Display the subject of the video – in the preview, it is customary to briefly display a retelling of what will be in the video. This paragraph, however, is optional. Often bloggers display the funniest moments of the video, sometimes – fragments of advertising (which is better not to do). The choice is yours, of course, and the only limit is your imagination.
  • Target your audience – knowing your audience, their average age, geolocation, and so on is also important. When making a preview, consider the interests and hobbies of your audience.
  • Take a good photo – if you, as a blogger, plan to place your face on the thumbnail, a good photo matters. If you are shooting a video with your participation or a webcam, you should take a separate photo. You should not cut frames from the video, such clippings are usually of low quality.

These recommendations are approximate, but following at least some of them will help increase your audience reach and the number of viewers.

Where to find YouTube thumbnail maker

If you are proficient in graphic editors, you can make a good preview. But there is an alternative in the form of various online resources. Good resources are not inferior in quality to top-end graphic editors. One such resource is create.vista.com.

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The convenient functionality of the site will help you create thumbnails for YouTube based on your needs and tastes. Just sign up, go to Vista and start creating.

The first time you go, the system will quickly teach you how to use the tools for creating thumbnails. If you understand little or want to gain additional knowledge, the site will help you with this. Just go to the section of video and text tutorials and lessons. There you can get more knowledge.

Most of the sites’ resources are absolutely free. But if you regularly use its services, you can purchase a monthly subscription for a small fee. With regular use, this purchase will pay for itself very quickly. Read reviews of real users about this resource and start becoming even more famous on YouTube! 


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