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Looking for a PUZZLE category game for free download? Look no further as you can access Project Qt mod apk.

Project QT Mod Apk

Join the Project QT game and get the opportunity to save the world from getting extinct. And guess what? The Project QT Mod Apk is absolutely free! Well, there’s more!

The game takes an interesting turn when the player gets to choose strong and beautiful women. These women work together to fight a virus to spread globally and from getting extinct.

The story of the game includes interaction among characters, which allows players to resolve problems quickly. In addition, the gameplay introduces different game styles and entertainment components to keep the players hooked.

Below we have given you a direct link and every description about Project QT Mod Apk. It is free and will charge you nothing! So read on below if you are looking for a puzzle game with different strategies.

Project QT Mod Apk File Info

Version 11.2
Publisher      Nutaku
File Size     40 MB
Support  Android
MOD Features  God Mode

About Project QT Mod Apk

What is the Plot of Project QT?

Once you are into this game, you are in a completely new world. Of course, it is needless to say that it is far different from where you are living right now! As you get into the game’s plot, you will gradually realize that there are some mysterious things happening.

Some space viruses invade the present time in the game, which has a close link with the big black hole experiment. The black hole experiment took place in Artic and has the capability to modify time and space. All credits to the experiment that the space viruses begin to enter the world.

These viruses are hazardous, and of course, the world is about to get extinct because of these invaders. And YOU are the warrior who saves the world. Well, you are not alone! Along with you, some more extremely gorgeous female warriors will help you save the world from destruction.

Apart from saving the world from destruction, you can also slowly and steadily start attracting gorgeous female warriors as well.

What is the character system of Project QT?

Project QT game’s most exciting thing that attracts players is the vast diversity it has in the characters. Since you are the sole warrior and you get to choose your female warriors, it makes it quite interesting for players.

At the moment, the game has around 53 characters or more that give you a clear opportunity to select your team according to your wish. Each of the female warriors that you choose has extraordinary power, strength, and other advantages. Indeed, this variety of options might confuse you as it is tough for anyone to determine who has the most strength.

So, it implies that you need to study the character well before selecting them and forming a strong team. This selection process is extremely vital as that only decides whether you are going to win or lose the game.

There is some good news too! Since the developers are constantly on the move, you get an opportunity to add new gorgeous warriors to your team. And we are sure you will see many more in the coming days as well. Excited, aren’t you? Well, there is more! Read on!

What is the flow of the gameplay?

The fighting mechanic of this game is easy to learn. Apart from battles, players need to match colorful blocks to go through diverse actions. The flow of the game includes a link-matching style, which allows players to get through high scores while linking the vibrant blocks.

The diverse cubes allow the players to solve problems and discover different paths to execute the game further. Then, based on the colors of the blocked link, the players get through the next line of actions and wins energy points. In addition, players can use features during the battle to create strategies to have advantages over rivals.

The primary element that interests a person to play Project QT is the way the characters evolve. The journey they go through keeps every player’s interest alive.

As the game continues, it gets more challenging and requires the player to use more and more elements. Thus, these steps will allow them to have access to unlock new capabilities.

As the game updates, it improves the overall strength and adds interesting filters. In addition, you can expect more interaction with characters to make the game complicated and interesting.

The game primarily revolves around girls and explores different personalities and fashion sense. The characters offer sensitive material and exhibit magical transformations to complete the tasks.

The traits, stats, and personalities of each woman are different, giving more variety to the players on the battlefield. Every time you use a different character for a new game, the story takes exclusive turns and adds varieties. You can also use the feature of creating or changing new female characters. This adds a personal touch to play the game.

What are the various events at Project QT?

Project QT does not stop at just the diverse plot and character system. There’s much more! Once you are in the game, you will get an opportunity to play several weeklies, even daily events. Apart from that, the game also gives you an opportunity to enjoy your real-life holidays.

The developers organize events on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and many more such holidays. Additionally, you get an opportunity to play the Lucky Wheel and some monthly festivals as well.

Of course, it is needless to say that each of the events gives you exciting options to choose from and get loads of gifts. Plus, you also get Project QT codes as well that you can avail yourself of! Doesn’t that attract you already? Well, we are not done yet!

Admire the hot videos and pictures

As you keep playing the game, there will be some hot videos and pictures that have gorgeous women in them. You have to complete the mission, and you get an opportunity to seduce them. Also, the developers gladly show you some sensual scenes. What’s more?

Since they have star ratings, which range from 1 to 5, the higher your stars are, you will see the girls with lesser clothing. Of course, they are sexy and extremely hot!

Sound and graphics

If you are a player and are looking for Project QT, it is pretty evident that you know about the graphics the Nutaku games offer. Just like that, even this one has 2D graphics. However, the images are extremely attractive, and the 3D bodies are cuddlesome.

The sexy bodies and striking good looks reflect well through the quality of pictures you see in this game. So, if you’re interested in girls, this game will surely attract you.

Even though this game does not have a heavy investment, but some of these tweaks make it a standout among other role-playing games.

Project QT Mod Apk Features

  • One hit kill
  • God Mode
  • MOD Menu
  • Defense Multiplier (x1 – x1000)
  • Attack Multiplier (x1 – x1000)

How to install Project QT MOD Apk on an Android phone or emulator?

  • First, you have to download the Project QT Apk file on your Android device or emulator.
  • Second, you have to Settings>Security, then Unknown Sources. There you will have to give yourself permission to install all the apps from the Unknown Sources.
  • On your Android, now try to open your APK file. Then, install the game. However, if you are downloading the game on an Android emulator, you would have to take the Apk file to the home screen. Hold your patience for a while, as this takes up a few more seconds.
  • Once you install the Project QT game, you have to open the game. Then, log into your Nutaku existing account.
  • Finally, simply authorize it, and your good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can one play Project QT MOD Apk on the PC?

Of course, you can play the game on your Android emulator.

2. Do they allow online game mode on the MOD feature?

Well, yes, you can play this on the online mode. Even though almost all games present on Nutaku are offline, but this one is special.

You can log into the game and play against your friends. Plus, you get an opportunity to compete against other unknown gamers across the globe as well. Also, when you are playing with other players, you get an opportunity to exchange characters and collect items.

However, always keep in mind that the characters you choose must be strong and have special powers when you wish to win a real-time battle. Also, don’t forget to keep your sharp-mind mode on, as you have to make real-time decisions at this stage.

3. Does this version cause harm to my phone?

Well, no! Your phone is absolutely safe with this version on it.

4. Why do I have an error notification on my phone?

You can get an error for several reasons, and one of them can be when your memory is overloaded. Also, you get such an error when the game is not compatible with your phone.

So, it is advisable always to free some of your device’s memory. You can also try to reinstall the game once again if you see an error.

5. While playing, I was sent back to the home screen. But again, the apk worked well? Why is that?

At times, you might get an incompatibility error. Even though it is rare, there is nothing that you need to worry about. Try to upgrade up to the new version, and you’re good to play!

Project QT Unlocked Unlimited

This online game has a lot of hidden content which are designed to give the players unlimited entertainment. In addition, the developers update the game frequently and host different challenges. They also do special or seasonal events to keep users hooked to it.

Furthermore, they launch new characters frequently, and the players must-do tasks. Also, all the characters are very nice and rich.

With every new character, the gameplay will become richer. Thus, it will give the players more choices to make and have some of the best experiences.

Even though all the modes or maps are related to the puzzle, the styles and designs vary, making every player retain excitement.

Unlike the primary mode or the first mode, the additional ones show up only during special events. Thus, the player might get several rare elements to specialize and upgrade the characters, headquarters, and more.

The latest version of the game

One of the advanced games of 2021 is Project QT. Not only is it packed with action-adventure, but it also has sports with puzzles. It is hard to find all the features in a single game. Moreover, the game introduces cute girls, loyal teammates, many rewards, and more than enough entertainment resources.

Additionally, they have added a lot of new characters who can interact with each other. So now you have more control over the characters and have more abilities which you need when you solve certain problems.

The Final Word

Project QT is a puzzle and RPG game. But it does offer some amazing adult content as well. So, this makes this so exciting and attracts people from all over the world. But you have to reach 18 to play this game!

There is no chance that you can get bored when you are playing this game. Every bit of it is interesting, and developers are installing loads of new features. It is more than one year, and Project QT has successfully engrossed ten million players into this game.

If you are looking for world-saving games with a sensual touch, this one is a must-try!

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