The best Nuface gel substitutes that work just as well

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The best Nuface gel substitutes that work just as well. Do you have to buy expensive microcurrent gels in order to get your very best results? The answer is no. You can also achieve great results by using cheaper options available on the market today that work just as well as the Nuface ones. Let’s take a look at both options, and then make up our minds.

Why microcurrent conductivity gels are a must

The NuFace Trainer attachment smooths every part of your skin. It glides over your skin without dragging and can be easily snapped on, so it’s easy to use. A gel also sticks to your face and dries relatively slowly, giving you time to treat all areas of your skin.

But the key reason is, you must use a conductive gel because our skin is naturally resistant to electric current.

Our outer layer of skin — called the stratum corneum — has very little moisture in it, so the electricity can’t pass through. Without a conductive medium or gel, microcurrents can’t pass into our skin, where they do their work. It also zings and prickles uncomfortably.Still, microcurrent passes from the spheres without any trouble and flows easily through our moist tissues once it’s inside the lower layers of our skin. Our natural bioelectricity will then be charged.

How do conductivity gels work?

Microcurrents are electrical charges that pass through us, and conductivity gels create a low resistance skin connection, so the microcurrents can flow.

#1 First, the gel wets our skin

Sweating dissolves salts and other minerals in the outer layers of your skin. While wet, your body has much lower resistance to electric current than when dry.

#2 Second, the gels also create a bigger contact area for the current.

Our “skin circuit” is actually a mesh of several parallel current paths. And because there are more pathways for the microcurrent to travel through, it lowers the net resistance in our skin.

#3 And third, conductive gels also contain ions

Microcurrent uses electric current to heal and rejuvenate cells, as well as increase skin elasticity. The technology delivers this electric current by using fine, insulated metal electrodes. When applied to the skin under the electrodes, microcurrent passes from the electrodes into the gel layer on top of our skin, through the gel, and into our outer skin layers and tissues because a liquid-based gel is non-conductive or has no freely moving ions, preventing current from flowing easily. This all changes when you use an electrically conductive oil-based liquid by creating surfaces with neutral ions which then allow microcurrent to flow.

This sentence rewriter made it easier to understand what oil-based liquids do in order to facilitate electric current in your body

The Nuface Activator gels

Nuface create their Activators leave-on microcurrent conductive gels. They’re a blend of the more inexpensive water and silk from a good skincare routine combined with ions that react with skin’s natural electrical properties. They can be found in different sizes in rigid tubey pots.

What’s special about the Nuface Activators?

Nuface is sending a clear message. They’re telling you that you must use the Activator system in order to activate the microcurrent and get optimal results. Follow this link to find out more about it.

Ions & muscles

The co-founder of Nuface, Tera Peterson, spends much time on IGTV. With the launch of their new activators back in July 2021, they have been featured heavily in most weekly episodes. The short but polished educationals leave you thinking Nuface invented ion tech .

What are the Nuface Activator gels like?

The old Nuface gels are easy-squeeze tubes, intuitive to apply, and feel beautiful on the skin. They don’t drip or sting in the eyes and they stay wet enough when working in sections. You can spritz your face with a water spray if you find the gel’s drying time too quick. I love that they are leave-on formulas (I have no reactions) but still gentle enough to massage in any remaining gel. There is no need for any further product afterwards.

In summary

Microcurrent devices widely vary in price. Some are expensive, whereas others can be reasonably priced. I’ve tried some of the cheaper alternatives and still seen at least the same results as with the Nuface controls. You’re able to use your serum underneath, wipe off the excess gel and finish up with a moisturizer. There are many cream-in-gel formulations that prove to be effective for microcurrent treatments that are less expensive than other options, so there’s no need to feel like you have to stick to one specific brand or device.



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