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High time to go fishing! Join millions of anglers worldwide and start catching fish species in Fishing Clash - a thrilling fishing simulator game! Play 1v1 PvP fishing games and fight for the title of fishing champion!
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Ten Square Games
March 15, 2021
4.1 and up
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If you love fishing then Fishing Clash mod APK is one of the games that you will enjoy a lot. It is a thrilling simulator game where you have to catch different species of fish. Moreover, you can play it 1v1 or PvP and fight with others to be the fishing champion.

Ten Square Games are the developer and they released the game on October 10, 2017. In this Fishing Clash mod APK, you will get the 1.0.141 version. The game is available on Google Play and you required 4.1 and up.

At we will be providing a lot of free stuff that you can use in the game.

Fishing Clash Mod Apk

Game Type

The game is designed for your android mobile phones and can be free if you download it from our site. It is a combination of both multiplayer games and 1v1 games. You can take your family or friends to 1v1 matches. Also, you can revel in the fishing experience on the common fisheries. Some of the popular fisheries of this world are Kenai Pond, Amazon, and some deep seas.

Benefits of the Fishing Clash Mod APK

Unlimited Hack

Whether it is summer, winter, or spring in this free simulation game you can go to the nearest lake, sea, or river whenever you would like. You can play fishing offseason and there is also a championship which you can join.

Moreover, with the 3D images of the fishing areas which are situated in the middle of nature, you will feel like you are on a real fishing trip. You can sit on a fishing pier, then hold the fly-fishing pole and then catch the fish. There is no limit and you can catch as many fish species as you want.

Unlimited Free Purchasing

You can choose any locations that you want and there are thousands of fish species that are available at the start of the game. At first, you will be to catch an everyday fish-like catfish or a carp bass.

Once you level up you will be seeing exotic fishes, unlock new areas, and have equipment that is required for different fishes. Even other sea creatures such as giant bass and shark are available as well.

Moreover, in Fishing Clash Mod APK you will get to participate in daily quests, live events, triumph fresh baits and then you will become the master winner. You need to climb to the top of the leader board while you capture fishes, bass, sharks, and other sea creatures.

There are even time-limited events with fight passes. In these events, you have to catch extremely rare fish species. Every day they come up with something exciting games or events.

Realtime PvP Events

If you are someone who likes contests then there is no other fishing game like Fishing Clash. You can be in many PvP games such as Tournaments, Staff, and Skirmishes (only for a couple). Moreover, the more players join the game the more it will be exciting to PvP matches.

Once the players are in a match 4 or 8 players with taking on each other so that they can catch their targeted fish which is placed on a fishing spot.

Furthermore, you can socialize with other players and might combine a fishing clan, and then you can complete the Clan Wars.

Magnificent locations

Whether you prefer lake fishing, sea fishing, or ice fishing you can go to any location you want. Travel to these realistic animated places around Asia, North America, South America, and Europe.

Fishing Clash: Beginner’s Guide

When you open the game, you will go to the main screen which is a lobby and you can go to different menus and choose your favorite location for fishing.

On the main page, the menu is situated on the top left side. There you can go to “profile” and see your nickname in the game, your ranks, achievements, player’s parameters that are best fishes you have caught, how many hooks you have collected, and other related stuff.

Also, here you can see the badges that you have achieved after winning on different events.

The Progress Button

In this tab you can see all the locations, see how many fishes you have caught from the locations you have visited, your collections on the location, and how many boss fish you fight. All your locations are collected here.

Furthermore, it shows the levels from which players can visit the ponds. On the top right side, you can see the current license.

The Mail Button

Here you will receive texts from the developers where they mentioned future updates and upcoming events. Invitations from different clans you will receive by mail as well. After reaching a high level you can form clans and invite others as well.

The Friends Button

All your game mates’ name is here. You can also invite others to become your friend.

Moreover, you can connect your Facebook profile so that you can find your friends who play the game. You can even publish your wins and achievements on your social media platform as well.

The Skins Button

You can see all the details of the player design card. It does not affect anything it is just a simple décor. You will find skins, portraits, frames, and emotions.

What are the Gift Codes?

#1 MUSTARD: It is used to get 10,000 coins.

#2 Loot: You will get black packs of lures.

#3 Thankyouverymuch: You will get a bag of gold fortunes.

#4 79-A4DD967E765: A barrel filled with pearls.

#5 Feb_24: You will receive 100 amplifiers.

#6 AA-D4558914460 and 12-1DC9DFCBD63: A bag of pearls.

#7 Kambr: It is a gold packet of fortune.

#8 PHILLIPS: You will get luck 100 percent (25 pieces), a chance for fishes’ 100 percent (25 pieces), speed 50 percent (25 pieces), and 25 pieces of amplifiers.

#9 Tujuuluk: You will receive 25 pearls.

#10 Ishhdhhwkeo: It is a silver box that will help you in fights.

#11 Extremesportfishing: Chance for fishes’ 100 percent (50 pieces), 100 percent luck which is 50 pieces, and 50 pieces of sonar.

#12 Darwin: You will receive 100 pearls.

#13 54-BDD984B69BA: A basic starter pack.

Final thoughts

Fishing Clash is a portable simulator game with high-quality graphics. It is a combination of outdoor fishing events, fishing games, and competitive matches with other players.

If you are like this kind of game then you should download Fishing Clash on your phone right now.

What's new

Climb up the Skill Tree!
Get the newest update to gain and upgrade new skills. Use the Skill Tokens to unlock fantastic skills and land more huge fish.

Here are some of them:
- Extra weight % for caught fish
- Extra % for getting Skill Tokens – you’ll love this one!
- Instant max combo chance – better chance to immediately fill the combo bar
- Instant catch cap – increasing max. level of instant catch charges at a time.

Cool, right? And there’s much more to get!



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