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avast mobile security pro apk
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If you all the time shares the files, images or anything whether it is related to your personal life. Or related to office work Avast Mobile Security pro apk version 6.25.3 so probably you might be facing malevolent viruses that start defecting your device like making your device hang and destroying the systems of your phone. So android users you are literally a single touch away to download this newly launched version means the PRO version.

avast mobile security pro apk

So android users do you really wanted to know what this app will do for you? It will going to protect your android from any sort of malevolent malware’s and viruses which basically occur because of infected websites and while sharing data through Bluetooth, etc.

Android users the period of time when you make the use of this Avast Security Pro APK it will going to help you to secure the android phone and all sort of your private data against these commonly known diseases alike:

  • Boot Sector Virus.
  • Trojans.
  • Web Scripting, etc.

Avast Mobile Security PRO APK

Android users let me tell you that this app which is named as Avast Mobile Security Pro APK is considered to be the top-ranking protection application against the malevolent viruses surrounded by the customers of android.

Whenever you download any sort of applications, videos, games, movie related apps, applications related to the music and whenever you basically transfer your data or share it with your friends and family by means of application, Bluetooth, etc so because of these activities some malicious diseases (that we call viruses) got enter into your phone and start affecting your device.

NAMEavast mobile security pro apk
SizeVaries with device
DeveloperAvast Software
CategoryMod Apk
SupportsAndroid 5.o and up
UpdatedJanuary 2020
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Now what you all are going to do?

There are actually many sort of applications which give guarantee to the android users that download our application. It will going to secure their phones from any sort of diseases. But trust me most of these applications are providing you with fraudulent guarantee .

This content will going to help all the android users that to download the authentic the highest protector which is one and only Avast.

Actually this application comes with 2 categories of account statements.

  • The first version of this application is totally free.
  • The second version is the premium which consists of some of the primary featuring that are totally free.

So android users if you all need an accession towards all of the characteristics of Avast Pro APK. Then android users actually you must purchase it. And enjoy all of its features and secure your device from harmful diseases, in case if you are downloading it from play store. But android users don’t get sad on facility is totally available for you under this site.

What is that? 

That you can actually download the premium version from this site YES and can enjoy all characteristics of this application without paying even little amount of cost.

Android users this application had come up in the top ranking in the play store because of its 110+ millions download.

It is obviously cleared by the name and also by the content of the application Avast Mobile Security Pro APK which basically supply more characteristics instead of other applications and gives protection to your android from the malicious software’s.

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Avast Mobile Security APK Characteristics.

  • This app consists of a program which will going to protect your device from harmful diseases (means the Antivirus Engine).
  • The second is the App Locking characteristic, means you can secure all of your apps with security password.
  • The next come the most essential characteristic which is basically the Call-Blocker.
  • So another one is the Anti-Theft feature which will going to secure your android from any sort of theft because of its Anti-Theft properties. 
  • This application had also come up with the power saving mode.
  • It had also come up with the secrecy authorization.
  • It acts as a firewall against all type of viruses.
  • Another feature is that it cleans out all sort of junky items from the device.
  • It acts a web shield against all sorts of viruses.

Android users you all wanted to know that what basically unique or newest thing about this application is.

The newest thing about this application is that it consists of a Photo Vault feature that actually enables your android to protect the personal data which is in that device escorted by the Safety PIN.

So when you transfer you data to this Photo Vault the data will be converted into a code and will going to be concealed.

Another new thing is that it will going to save the battery usage of the device by modifying the settings of the device. You must know that thing which basically makes the battery down very fast is the WIFI, the Bluetooth and the screen settings.

What this power saver do modify all of the settings in order to save too much battery usage.

avast mobile security pro apkvast mobile security pro apk

Premium characteristics of the Avast Mobile Security Pro APK.

  • The first premium characteristic is the Anti-Theft mode. Which will bolt the android whenever you want to do the amendment in the SIM. Avast Anti helps you prevent repeated message from any sender like SMS Bomber
  • The second premium characteristic is the App Lock feature which will going to maintain the protection. And also the seclusion of the most careful data in you device with the PIN coding and or finger print signal. By this feature you can easily give the protection to the application which you mostly utilize so the thing you have to do is that make sure that not single people even your own kids can have an access towards your data.

Detailing of Avast Mobile Security Pro Apk

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The Antivirus Engine basically scans out the dangerous and harmful malwares. And viruses which are basically making your device weak. And after scanning it acts as an antivirus to clear your device from the viruses.

It basically clears out the entire junk item. Your all not wanted data, gallery, etc which basically make your device hang.

Your privacy is our first priority. HOW it sent those numbers into the block corner which are making you irritate. It acts as a call blocker.

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The newly android users when start using the android can came up with great difficulties. Regarding a harmful virus that basically attacks your device. This content is totally designed to help all the android users to download this authentic application. In order to protect your device from any sort of harmful diseases.


This app comes up with 5M reviews with the rating of 4.6.


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