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Animation Throwdown is the collectible card game that lets you collect cards and battle with characters from your favorite shows!
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April 6, 2020
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Animation throwdown Mod apk is a game which brings all the famous cartoon characters together. These characters are from famous shows like Bob’s burger, king of the hill, family guy, American dad and so many others. In the animation throwdown game, you get to play with your favourite character and join the epic card battles. 

The game animation throwdown Mod lets its players be one of their favourite characters. The players fight with other players in the card battles. The players can also invite their friends and play with them to loot and win so you can be at the top. The more battles you win the faster you can be at the top.

This game is so interesting because you let to live the life of all your favourite characters. Plus you will not get bored with this game because there are so many different levels. This is also an addicting game which you will love to play.

Animation throwdown MOD APK

The animation throwdown MOD APK game is a game where the players can play as their favourite which are Stewie, brian, tina checker, roger the alien, hank, hill and so many more. The game is a card game where you collect different cards and each card has a different power and the players can use those powers in different battles and you can combine different cards to unlock funny scenes of different characters.

Take on your opponent in one on one card battles where you have to make brilliant strategies and approaches to winning the battle. Plus you can also check out the online gameplay where you will be introduced to a whole new level of fun and enjoyment.

The MOD APK version of the animation throwdown Mod game lets the players have unlimited money and much more.

Technical specifications:

  • The game is developed by Kongregate
  • Android version of 5.0 and above is required for the download
  • The latest version of the game is 1.106.0
  • The game takes 63 MB of space

Features of the animation throwdown:

Following are some of the features of the animation throwdown game:

  • Play as your favourite character:

The players can get access to all different characters and the players can play as one of their favourite characters.

  • Engage in epic card games:

In the game, the players can get access to different card games. The players have to collect all the cards after winning different battles.

  • Enjoy the game for hours:

Many games have a specific time limit for the players to play but the animation throwdown game lets the players play the game for hours and hours.


  • Join other gamers:


in the animation, throwdown game players can join millions of gamers from the world and challenge them in different battles. 

  • Collect more combos:

The players have to spend their time finding new combos which help them to release more powerful attacks 

  • Have fun:

The game includes so many different funny scenes from cartoons that you will laugh and enjoy the game with your heart.


Animation throwdown MOD APK unlimited coins:

The MOD APK version of the animation throwdown lets the players have unlimited coins that the can use to purchase all sorts of things that can help them in winning so you do not have to worry about running out of money.

Animation throwdown MOD APK unlimited gems:

The MOD APK version of the animation throwdown unlimited gems offers its players unlimited gems. There are certain objects which cannot be bought by coins and gems are required. With unlimited gems, players can buy anything.


Q: How can you get mythic cars in the animation throwdown:?

Ans: The mythic cards are found in the menu where mythics is written and the only way to collect mythic cards is by collecting 250 mythic fragments of that specific card.

Q: Can you play animation throwdown on PC?

Ans: Bluestack is a software that helps you to play any game on PC without the need for any other equipment. You can play animation throwdown with the help of this software.

Q: who developed animation throwdown?

Ans: Animation throwdown was developed by Kongregate.

Q: Is animation throwdown free?

Ans: Yes, animation throwdown is completely free for download. 


Animation throwdown is a fun game and the players enjoy each level of the game because it is not like other fighting games it is more like a fun game where each level is one of the funny scenes from different cartoons. This game helps to remove all the worries. So go and download the game now.

What's new

• The card archive now allows you to view all combos for each character in the game!

• Make all cards visible in the card archive (i.e. card archive no longer shows the backs of cards you haven't unlocked).
• Added functionality for searching, filtering, and sorting cards within the card archive.
• Added the ability to filter combos when viewing the list of combos for a card.

... and more! For the full list of changes please visit our forums:



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