4 Best business models in post-covid world

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Imagine the post-coronavirus world: the crisis is over, but consumers and business models will never be the same. Once people got used to digital and remote, their expectations changed forever. The main tags of 2021 will be digital nomads , charity and sustainable development. The human experience during a pandemic will lead to rapid changes in technology and business. Today we will cover post-covid business trends around the globe.

The pharmaceutical revolution

The coronavirus has shaken up the pharmaceutical industry. We have learned to test drugs faster and easier. Traditional clinical trials are a thing of the past – they have been transferred to a virtual platform. Consulting and data collection have also moved online. Such transformations can take root and change pharmaceuticals forever. We saw how quickly tests for Covid-19 appeared around the world, and then vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca. Pfizer and Moderna have developed messenger RNA vaccines for the first time in human history . In 2021, we will see even more new technologies for the production of coronavirus tests and vaccines.

Remote and video conferencing will stay

The pandemic has led to a skyrocketing rise in the popularity of telecommuting and video conferencing. Whether we like it or not, it will continue in 2021. Founded in 2011, Zoom has become a symbol of the pandemic. Other video calling services also helped us stay connected to reality: Webex from Cisco, Teams from Microsoft, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and BlueJeans from Verizon. Many newcomers have appeared in the field of remote control. Startups Bluescape, Eloops, Figma, Slab, and Tandem have come up with collaboration solutions. With their help, you can create and share content, communicate with colleagues, track project results, train employees, and organize virtual team buildings. These tools help teams track collaborative learning and documentation. And here you can also create a virtual office that imitates the usual one, so that colleagues communicate and interact. Some of the companies decided to use YouTube for hosting remote webinars and conferences. You can buy YouTube views to get more exposure and get a place ‘recommendations’ panel. 

Contactless delivery is the new norm

In the US, the popularity of contactless delivery has grown by 20%, people want to minimize physical contact – this is the new norm. This service is provided by DoorDash, Postmates and Instacart. Grubhub and Uber Eats have also expanded the reach of contactless delivery and have no plans to ditch it in 2021. China is not the only country to turn its attention to drones. American startups Manna, Starship Technologies and Nuro are tackling this problem with robotics and AI-powered applications.

The prosperity of telemedicine

In the healthcare sector, everyone is trying to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus to their workers and patients. Many private and public clinics have started offering telemedicine services. The doctor and the patient communicate via video chat, artificial intelligence conducts diagnostics using photographs, and medicines are delivered contactlessly. The number of American patients switching to telemedicine has increased 50% from pre-pandemic levels. IHS Technology expects this number to reach 70 million soon. And Forrester Research predicted that by early 2021, the number of remote receptions will reach a billion. In addition to telemedicine, in 2021 we are waiting for news from the field  biotechnology and artificial intelligence. Machine learning will be used in diagnostics, administrative work and the creation of robots for healthcare.



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